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Thank you so much for stopping by! Looking for a place to start reading? Here are some of my favorite posts.

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30 Years Later  {Acknowledging a painful anniversary in my family.}

How are you?  {Coping with election results...in the Starbucks drive-thru line.}

One of the biggest things I did in this span was start the "Kids Are Precious" section. It's filled with times that kids are...precious. Check it out here


Letting Her Go  {The lessons I hope I taught my daughter as she starts kindergarten.}

To The Home We Built  {A tribute to our home, 10 years in.}

On Being Older Than My Dad  {On being older than my dad was when he died.}

For the Moms Who Have Lost  {Remembering the moms that have lost or that we have lost on Mother's Day.}

The Place Between Baby and School-Age  {Appreciating the season we are in without missing the past or wishing for the future.}

Claiming Another Year  {How I'm learning to age happily: it involves hair dye.}

May I Have This Dance?  {A tribute to my "still shakin' it" grandparents.}


Old and New Friends  {A promise to my old friends as I branch out and make new ones.}

Anonymous Says  {A reminder to be as nice online as you would be to your neighbor.}

Mind Reading  {Learning to ask what I need from my husband instead of wanting him to just know.}

No More No  {Stopping the immediate reaction to say "no" to my kids.}

Where's the Mommy?  {Getting back in the photos.}

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed...and a lot of Blue  {A post dedicated to my sister and her wife.}

Unplugging and Reconnecting  {Date night, at home--no phones allowed!}

Seasons of Change  {My love/hate/love relationship with spring and the sadness that used to come with the sprouting flowers.}

Sock it to Me  {The time a hole in a sock made me cry.}

Cars and Tunnels  {How tunnel vision almost caused me to miss some accomplishments of my son.}


Old Me, verses Older, New Me  {The changes, big and small, that motherhood brings.}

James, A Giant Peach and Me  {The books that have had the greatest impact on my life, thus far.}