Over the years my blog writing has become less and less as my professional life has become busier and busier. However, it is not something I can let go of and I find myself returning time and again. Even though I don't post regularly, when I do blog, I try to infuse some humor and compassion into everything I write.

When asked what this blog is about my standard response is "it's a lifestyle blog with a emphasis on parenting" because goodness no we don't want to call this a mommy blog, right? 

During the day I work from home while "raising" two kids...or, really, just trying to "keep them alive." My day job is managing and creating content for my clients' social media and websites (ie: blogs). More info on my professional life can be found on my LinkedIn page

While I may not be posting a new blog each day, I am on social media a lot. I am fairly introverted in real life (I'll take a night in with trashy reality TV--looking at you "real" housewives--versus a night out any day of the week) but I'm also on almost every social platform and love participating. Hence the "social media extrovert, real life introvert" tag line. You can find me as @socialsara612 everywhere but here are some handy links. 

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