40 Before 40 List

The List! Once completed I'll note it here and provide a link to the post about the experience.

{Here's the introductory post for this grand adventure.}

  1. See a favorite band live. American Bootleg doesn't count. I don't know if anything can top Paul McCartney from last summer, but the goal is really about seeing more live music. Big concerts or little shows at the corner bar--there's a lot of music to be found in this city.


  2. Only say 'yes' to my kids for an entire day. No "no." Within reason, I have a budget.


  3. Go at least 48 hours without phone/social media/being online. (aka: UNPLUG).


  4. Bake bread from scratch.


  5. Cook a 5-course meal for a group of friends.


  6. Write letters to 5 people who have impacted my life. Mail those letters.


  7. Write a letter to both my kids before they start Kindergarten.


  8. Take a road trip with just Marc to someplace we've never been. Explore!


  9. Take a road trip with the family to someplace we've never been. Explore!


  10. Go on a weekend getaway with girlfriends.


  11. Skydive/hot air balloon/bungee jump/zip line--something I never thought I'd do, something that involves high levels of adrenaline.


  12. Run a half marathon. Even if I have to walk a lot of it. Because I'll probably have to walk a lot of it.


  13. Participate in an indoor triathlon. Like a mini one. There are no 'Iron Mans' in my future.


  14. And then get a massage immediately following both numbers 12 and 13. Almost being 40 is all about challenging myself--but then spoiling myself after.


  15. Buy a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine and see if I can tell a difference. I hope this doesn't backfire so that I'll never be able to go back to cheap wine (not that there's really a choice in that: cheap wine or no wine, I think you know what wins).


  16. Experience Travail's tasting menu. It's a 14-20 course undertaking. It's expensive. But I feel like it's something I should do at least once. Foodie friends...you in?


  17. Get caught up on my Vanity Fair subscription. The struggle is real. I'm 2? 3? years behind (darn kids! darn dvr! darn social media!)...but I love the magazine so much I can't stop the subscription.


  18. Sign up for a personal stylist session.


  19. Volunteer in both my kids' classrooms.


  20. Write a children's book with my kids. We tell stories all the time--especially E--and I want us to create a story and they can provide the illustrations. Then we will make millions of dollars, obviously.


  21. Give up coffee for a week. To show that I can do it. This will probably not happen.


  22. Go to Afternoon Tea at the St. Paul Hotel.


  23. Sing Karaoke. This will be done as a group song. Even that will take a lot...the thought of this terrifies me. Friends that love karaoke, I'll need you on this one...and no, my husband is not allowed to be there for this.


  24. Volunteer with kids--not a "one time thing," make it a tradition. Park clean-up, soup kitchen, packing meals...tons of options for adults as well as children.


  25. See an Opera.


  26. Read every book by a favorite author. (Still debating who I want to do this for--I'll update once I decide. I love too many authors!)


  27. Start a book club. Not a typical one. An "Any Book" Book Club.


  28. Take the kids camping.


  29. Take the kids to a drive-in movie.


  30. Do a mid-winter getaway to Wisconsin Dells with the kids and grandparents. Might as well get there in the summer, too, as that was how I first experienced the Dells as a kid. It was like a midwest Disneyland. I was young, ok? (I told you I'd get this exotic locale on the list.)


  31. Get back to writing fiction (short stories mainly). I used to do this all the time. I miss it.


  32. Learn how to use our grill. I want to be the neighborhood bbq babe! Or just someone who knows how to grill. 


  33. Learn how to play chess. I love strategy games and I've always wanted to learn but have never devoted the time and energy into learning it. Anyone want to teach me?


  34. Fly a kite. 


  35. Eat a strictly vegetarian diet for a week. I will definitely need suggestions for meals from my veggie friends. 


  36. Go kayaking. (Down the St. Croix is one location I know of, but open to suggestions.)


  37. Take the kids on a real picnic. We pretend so much, it might be fun to do a real one.


  38. Learn how to use Photoshop. And not just the Photoshop app that simply involves filters. Like really learn how to use Photoshop.


  39. Create a treasure hunt for the kids. 


  40. {COMPLETED} Last, but certainly not least, potty train my son. I can't make a list of things I want to accomplish over the next few years and not include this. It has to happen before I'm 40, right? RIGHT?!   >> See how this all went down, HERE. <<